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Welcome to Mold Inspector Aurora, Illinois, the most trusted mold testing company in the greater Aurora. We offer our services without a conflict of interest because we don’t do mold remediation. With a stringent, “test only” policy, you can be sure our assessors have no hidden agenda. This is essential when measuring indoor air quality so you know we’re not trying to encourage a restoration and then charge you for it.

While every situation is unique, the experts at Mold Inspector have extensive experience. We know the kind of places where mold hides and we’ll discover exactly where it is and the best protocol for remediation. You will give our protocol to the remediation company of your choice. We can do a follow up, if you desire, to ensure that the remediation company has properly carried out the protocol and your property is safe.

Choosing to employ us is the best first step you can take to establish what should or should not be done at the property in question. If you have any questions, please call or email us, by visiting our contact page, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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Justyn Arnold

IICRC# 195751

Justyn Arnold of mold Inspector offers mold inspections to people who are concerned indoor growth could be causing an indoor air quality problem. We collect air and surface samples to determine what species of mold and how much are present. Without testing, any inspection is simply a guess about what is happening with an indoor environment.

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