Mission Statement

To provide the customer with "Affordable Peace of Mind" by compiling meaningful information about the presence of abnormal indoor mold, where it is located and how it can be removed. This information may also be useful for insurance clamins and presentation to your appropriate medical professionals.

The purpose of the environmental assessments including visual observations, diagnostic readings & sampling is to gather data that can be used to scientifically map the indoor environment for indications that Mold reservoirs are present which can adversely effect the indoor fungal air quality of the building, vehicle, aircraft or yacht. The data will also indicate whether any suspect mold observed is actually mold.

About Us

Our business model is one that is dedicated towards excellent service and customer satisfaction. When you use an independent service provider, chances are you will likely not be able to get ahold of them during the day as a good inspector should be busy working in the field. We have customer service representatives standing by from 8 AM Eastern to 6 PM Pacific to ensure someone can always help you. Our business model creates a system of checks and balances that an individual lacks. If we receive a complaint or see that one of our inspectors is sub-par, we have no problem replacing them until we find the best. If you are unhappy with a one man operation, not much is going to happen and they will continue to offer bad service.

Realizing that this is a widespread problem, we set a goal to have MI be the solution. We aren’t there yet, but we believe our efforts have made an impact. Our top priority has and always will be to educate people about the truths and myths about indoor mold growth. Usually people are on one end of the scale or the other thinking it is harmful or harmless. The truth is indoor mold growth could be one or the other and we want to help people find out what the case is for their home or business through testing.

Some people refuse to believe that mold can be hazardous to one’s health. We refuse to believe this ignorance as we have seen effects it has on people first hand and even experienced it for ourselves after being in places with these types of problems for only a short period of time. That is why we will continue the fight to educate people about the proper ways to handle these situations in an effort to help people avoid getting sick and having their homes/businesses be damaged.