The Mold Inspector Mission

We provide our customers with affordable, accurate, scientific information about the presence of mold at their homes or commercial properties. We use a multi-step analysis and testing process using state-of-the art sampling equipment and independent lab testing. We analyze the data received from the lab to help our customers make an educated assessment of their situation and to decide whether remedial action should be considered. We do not provide remediation services. We help educate our customers about whether the presence of abnormal indoor mold growth exists, where it is located and how it can be removed.

The purpose of our environmental assessment, including our professional visual observations, diagnostic readings & sampling, is to gather data that can be used to scientifically map the indoor environment for indications that mold is present, which can adversely effect the indoor fungal air quality of the building.

About Mold Inspector

We are dedicated towards excellent service and customer satisfaction. We have customer service representatives standing by from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (central time) to answer questions and schedule technician service calls.

Our top priority is to help our customers assess their individual mold situations in a timely and accurate manner and to educate our customers in the best plan of action for removal or prevention.

We do not provide remediation services. We provide independent lab results and reports to help our customers determine if the services of a remediation company are necessary.