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Mold Fungus & Fungi Terms and Terminology:
Meaning & Definitions

Air-conditioning system: assembly of equipment for treating air to control simultaneously its temperature, humidity, cleanliness and distribution to meet the requirements of a conditioned space. From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Allergen: Any substance, such as pollen, mold or fungi, or animal dander, that can trigger allergic response in humans and pets.
Chain of Custody: A mold laboratory form which is completed by the Certified Mold Inspector who collects the mold and fungus samples to record the details of the mold sampling work done, and to document both the transfer of custody of the mold samplings directly from the inspector to the mold lab, & their receipt by the analysis lab. 

Dampness: any visible, measurable or perceived outcome of excess moisture that causes problems in buildings, such as mould, leaks or material degradation, mould odour or directly measured excess moisture (in terms of relative humidity or moisture content) or microbial growth. From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Dormant Mold: Mold or fungus [fungi] that is inactive and awaiting future moisture and food to begin mold fungal reproduction and growth.

Excess moisture: moisture state variable that is higher than a design criterion, usually represented as moisture content or relative humidity in building material or the air. Design criteria can be simple indicators (e.g. no condensation or relative humidity value) or more complicated representations that take into account continuous fluctuation of moisture (i.e.mould growth index). From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Fungus: A parasitic plant lacking chlorophyll, a rigid cell wall, leaves, true stems & roots. Multicellular. Composed of thread- like hyphae. Reproduces by spores.

Hyphae: Fungi usually are filamentous, with the single filaments being termed hyphae. Fungal hyphae grow and branch to make a filament network [mycelium].

Moisture: (1) water vapour; (2) water in a medium, such as soil or insulation, but not bulk water or flowing water. From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Moisture problem or damage; water damage
: any visible, measurable or perceived outcome caused by excess moisture indicating indoor climate problems or problems of durability in building assemblies; moisture damage is a particular problem of building assembly durability; water damage is a moisture problem caused by various leaks of water. From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Moisture transport: moisture can be transported in both the vapour and the liquid phase by diffusion, convection, capillary suction, wind pressure and gravity (water pressure).From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Mould: all species of microscopic fungi that grow in the form of multicellular filaments, called hyphae. In contrast, microscopic fungi that grow as single cells are called yeasts, a connected network of tubular branching hyphae has multiple, genetically identical nuclei and is considered a single organism, referred to as a colony (Madigan, Martinko, 2005). From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Mold: A fungus or fungi that eats and grows on and in damp or high moisture or decaying organic matter.  Synonym:

Mold Allergy. Human allergic reaction [such as skin rashes, open sores, and respiratory problems] from exposure to airborne mold and fungus spores & indoor mold growth.

Mold Analysis Laboratory. A scientific mold that specializes in, or provides, the analysis, identification, and quantification of mold and fungus [fungi] species from mold and fungus samples and samplings.

Mold Decontamination: and Mold Detoxification. Safe, effective & total removal of mold and fungus spores & mold growth from buildings & personal possessions.

Mold Inspection: The thorough physical examination of a building by a Certified Mold Inspector  to find & locate visual & hidden mold and fungal growth & water problems that enable mold and fungus spores to grow into mold colony infestations. Includes mold testing & mold laboratory analysis of collected mold samples and samplings.  Certified mold inspection and mold tests are often necessary to file a  mold  insurance claim.

Mold Inspector: A mold professional who has been specially trained in the detection of toxic  mold  and fungal contamination in homes, condos, apartments, offices, & commercial buildings. The mold fungus expert inspector utilizes high-tech inspection devices such as  moisture meter [to find water problems hidden  inside walls, ceilings, and floors], fiber optics [to look inside walls & ceilings for mold infestation],  timed mold culture plate impactor, air sampling pump & cassettes, & hygrometer [to check for the high level humidity that mold can grow in]

Mold Investigation: Advanced, in depth mold inspection and mold tests to find all mold infestation inside a building. See Certified Toxic Mold Investigator.

Mold Lawyer and Mold Attorney An environmental attorney, environmental lawyer, or mold attorney who specializes in prosecuting or defending mold-related legal problems and lawsuits.

Mold Maintenance: Mold and fungus prevention requires effective and regular building mold fungal maintenance to prevent roof leaks, water leaks, water problems, mold-causing high humidity, and toxic mold fungal growth.

Mold Remediation: The safe & complete killing & removal of mold and fungus spores & mold fungi colony growth from mold contaminated  homes and other buildings. Effective mold and fungus remediation usually requires the removal of mold-damaged building materials and the use of a fungicide to kill mold and fungi and an antimicrobial coating to prevent future mold growth & danger. Usually
mold removal is done by a Certified Mold Remediator or Certified Contractor.

Mold Remediator
: A mold fungus professional who has been specially trained as a mold fungal remediation specialist  for toxic mold and fungi detection, mold and fungi decontamination, mold fungi inspection, mold and fungal testing, mold and fungi sampling, mold prevention, mold and fungus remediation, mold and fungus removal.  Certified Mold Remediator.

Mold Report: A written presentation from a Certified Mold Inspector to his client of his physical building  inspection findings & mold and fungus sampling mold lab results, detailed analysis thereof, and recommendations for specific mold fungi remediation & fungus removal steps required to remove any mold problem documented in the mold report. 

Mold Spore: A small reproductive fungal cell that is resistant to unfavorable environmental conditions such as no water, & is capable of mold reproduction fungal growth when water & organic materials to eat exist.

Mold Test Kit. Do-it-yourself sampling of room & HVAC [heating, ventilating and air conditioning] air,  and physical sampling of visible mold fungal growth into easy-to-use mold test kits for mold lab analysis and mold species identification. Buy mold test kits from a large hardware or home improvement store.

Mold Testing: Collection by a Certified Mold Inspector of direct physical samples of visible mold, mold, fungi, and of indoor air samples in rooms, attic, crawl space, basement, & heating & air conditioning equipment & ducts, so that the mold samplings can be grown by a mold lab in mold culture plates/mold test kits [for viable mold testing] to produce full- grown mold colonies for accurate mold lab analysis and mold species identification.

Mold Training and Mold Education: Mold instruction, education, & certification at a professional toxic mold school, mold class, mold seminar, or mold course for mold inspection, mold testing, mold fungus remediation, mold fungi removal, mold fungus prevention, and  mold business practices.

Sick building syndrome: an environmentally unhealthy house or other building containing mold fungal infestation, biological contamination, or lead paint, asbestos, radon, etc., resulting in serious health problems for its occupants.

Toxic Black Mold: A fungus or fungi that emits chemical mycotoxin poisons that become airborne & cause serious human health diseases. Toxic mold & black molds include brain-damaging Stachybotrys toxic mold [often misspelled  Stachybotris].

Ventilation: process of supplying or removing air by natural or mechanical means to orfrom any space; the air may or may not have been conditioned. From the World Health Organization in its report WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mould, published July 16, 2009

Viable mold test: Immediate microscopic analysis of the collected substance to determine: (1) whether it is mold fungus or not; (2) if mold, how many mold and fungus [fungi] spores are present in sample; and (3) where possible, to identify the few mold and fungi species that can be visually identified without the highly accurate viable mold lab analysis done after 5-7 days' mold culture plate growth..

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