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Are You Driving Around in a Mold Sick Car?

Q. March 2, 2012. My husband bought a 2008 Mazda 3 about 8 months ago. Since then he has been plagued by serious allergies. We finally determined the car to be the cause of the allergies. Do you do mold removal from automobiles? If not any advice on how to do it or who in the Los Angeles area does? I appreciate your help.

A. Your vehicle having a mold problem is a common occurrence harming driver and passenger health because of the large number of hours that drivers and passengers spend inside the small, enclosed environment breathing in elevated levels of airborne mold spores. In addition to the car mold problem, it is likely that the driver and passenger are tracking airborne mold spores from the car into the house from mold spores landed/deposited on their hair, skin, clothing, shoes, and hat.  Your first step should be to mold test the interior air of the car (with the windows up), as well as the outward air flow from the car's heating/air conditioning duct registers. If there is a car mold problem, there is going to be mold growth hidden inside the vehicle's heating/cooling equipment and ducts. You can use do it yourself mold test kits. After testing or in place of testing, take these car mold remediation steps. First, scrub the entire car interior, including upholstery and carpeting several times with a hand-held, hard bristle scrub brush soaked with the very effective mold remover boric acid powder. You can read the boric mix formula and buy boric at Mold Mart.  You should also put boric mix into a spray bottle and spray a significant amount of the mix into each of the car's heating/air con duct registers.  The final step is the most powerful to kill car mold spores, mold growth, and mold toxins: use our home model Bio3Blaster high ozone generator to inject high volumes of ozone gas into the car's heating/cooling ducts and into the car interior. You should also apply the above car mold removal procedures to the inside of the vehicle's trunk. As to your husband's mold allergy problems, please read about available diagnostic and treatment procedures in my ebook Mold Health Guide, 2002 edition, available for email attachment delivery.  If you have follow up mold questions, I am here to help you. In service----Phillip Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Mold Remediator

Car, Truck, and Vehicle Mold Problem

Toxic mold has forced families from their homes and students from their schools; but if you think you're safe from spores behind the wheel -- think again. What you don't know about your car could actually be hazardous to your health.

Regardless of its make or model, your vehicle could have a problem with mold. Since you can't always see it, though, you might not know you have a problem until you start to feel the effects.

"It's awful, it really is... sneezing, coughing, my nose starts burning severely."
-- Elaine Simpson, Moldy Car Owner

Rob Simpson bought his new truck last year for $35,000. Though he says he likes the way it looks and drives, he doesn't like the way it smells -- "a real musty smell."

Simpson says his problem started with a water leak -- and then another. "The first time it leaked... from the bed into the carpeting," Simpson adds, "the carpeting was totally soaked. The second time it leaked, it poured out of this headliner button right... it was literally like a sprinkler system."

The truck has been back to the dealer eight times in six months, leaving Simpson with a pile of repair bills and a car his wife and daughter won't ride in.

Consumer attorney Craig Kimmel says the Simpsons aren't alone. "We see it as a trend," explains Kimmel. "Now with the design of new cars, the air tightness for efficiency and gas mileage and the aerodynamics of vehicles -- it's made them much more tight -- and just like homes, mold problems have arisen as a result."

Kimmel says it's a problem that manufacturers must "absolutely" address.

"The operating conditions of a vehicle under warranty requires the manufacturer to make repairs. A car should not have a moldy condition either through the air conditioning or heating systems for any reason."
-- Craig Kimmel, Consumer Attorney

Kimmel says bacteria, fungus, mold and spores can trigger allergy and asthma attacks that can severely affect the use of your car -- and should be treated like any other defect that can't be fixed. "Under warranty it's the manufacturer's responsibility to make sure that the dealer's work actually results in a repair."

"I don't care if you spend $5,000 or $30,000... I think people should be responsible for what they sell."
-- Elaine Simpson

The Simpsons have had their carpet replaced three times and the car deodorized, but the moldy smell remains.

Attorney Kimmel says if the problem isn't fixed after three tries, consumers can seek relief under the Lemon Law or under the federal warranty act.

The bottom line is there is protection to help you get a car you can actually use.

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