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For mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold prevention for your real estate property anywhere in the world, please contact mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Montero by email or by phone
480-217-7173 USA
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Do It Yourself Mold Remediation

Read the 25 steps for do it yourself mold removal.

Q. October 15, 2012. I need help!  We live in a 1500 sq./ft. basement home that was built in 1988.  The roof is above ground and there are windows along the front and one bedroom window on the East side of the house.  The backside of the house has no windows, other than a sky light in the kitchen.  The entire duct works is under the floor so all of our vents are also on the floor. I have horrible allergies and they have seemed to increasingly gotten worse.  I take 4 allergy shots every week and one of the allergies is mold.  I have no energy, am always tired and there are literally days that I feel like I have been drugged and can’t keep my eyes open.  I feel nauseous at times, but not constantly.  This last weekend, I thought I was coming down with the flu.  I had a horrible headache and was nauseous feeling.  My boss was having a hay ride, so I felt like I really needed to go.  My daughter and I got cleaned up and headed over there.  After the hay ride, she had a big meal.  I no longer had a headache and the nausea was gone.  I ate and felt great.  After a few hours, we headed back home.  After being home about 5 or 10 minutes, my headache came back and the nausea.  Something finally clicked!  After doing some research, it appeared that there were many other people with the same symptoms that I have been having and it was due to mold.  About 2 or 3 years ago, our vent from the dryer to the outside clogged up.  It was in the dead of winter so my husband decided to run it to the attic, which is still where it is.  After researching your website, I see that is a no-no.  Also, the wall where the dryer vent piping used to run up to the roof is very soft feeling. We run a dehumidifier non-stop and I have to empty it probably every other day, but we haven’t always.  We have lived in this house for 10 years and I didn’t run one for the first few years.  After researching and wondering why my windows were always steaming over and would constantly be wet, I realized I had way too much moisture in my house.  It caused my windows to get moldy and even though I have cleaned them, I’m sure there is more.  I now keep my dehumidifier set to the lowest level, which is 40%. I also used to have a Yorkie dog that I could never get house broke, so I was always cleaning my carpets.  I would bet that I also have mold under my carpet.  I know I do along the front side of the house because whenever it would rain, the water wouldn’t drain and it would set outside the house.  We have that part fixed…we tiled in front so no longer have that problem.  I have scrubbed along the side, but I am sure it is still there. What are my options???  Am I going to have to replace my carpet, windows, dry wall???  I don’t even know where to start.  Any help getting me headed in the right direction would be wonderful!
A. Your first step is to vent the dryer to the outdoors, and NOT into the attic. Putting high moisture dryer exhaust air into the attic means that you are going to have extensive mold in the attic. You can presume from your health problems that you are living in exposure to elevated levels of dangerous mold species.  Your second step should be to throw out the carpeting and padding. It is likely that you have moisture wicking up through the concrete floor into the carpeting and padding. That upward wicking from the concrete floor and the numerous pet accidents mean very likely mold growth in the carpeting, padding, and on the floor beneath the padding. Do NOT re-carpet. Instead, install vinyl tile or ceramic tile as your entire basement floor. Ceramic tile set into cement containing waterproofing compound would be a great water barrier to stop water wicking upward through the floor. Your next step is to buy our home model ozone generator to inject massive amounts of high ozone into the floor heating duct registers to kill the mold that is very likely to be present therein.  Do ozone treatment for at least six hours by inject ozone (through the ozone hose) into the return air duct or fresh air duct that brings air back into your heating/cooling system.  You also need to run the ozone generator for at least 6 hours now, and then 3 to 4 hours every 4 months to kill the mold in your basement home and to prevent its re-growth. Your next step is to wash all ceilings, walls, the concrete floor (after throwing out the carpeting/padding) and all of your furniture and possessions preferably with boric acid powder (first choice for results) or Borax laundry detergent. Mix boric one pound per gallon of hot water (hot to dissolve the boric or Borax.  You can buy the ozone generator at . You can buy boric acid powder at If I can be of further help, please email me. ---Phillip Fry, mold consultant.

     Q. Dec. 28, 2011. We are still working on mold remediation of our home.  Since my husband, son and I are doing all the work ourselves due to low funds, I really can't see any end in sight.  As soon as we received the Bio3Blaster, we followed your instructions and ozoned the crawlspace for two hours, each unit's heating/cooling ducts, the attic  and each room in the house one hour each. We were unable to fog the HVAC equipment and ducts, the crawlspace and the attic because we could not purchase the fogger at that time.  We did purchase the hand pump garden sprayer but I was not pleased with its forcefulness and reach.  Can you recommend a less expensive fogger or maybe a company that sells used or reconditioned equipment of this nature that you know has a good reputation? Also, we do need an air scrubber to pull the dead mold spores into the HEPA filters as we clean the walls, floors, etc.  Can you recommend a brand that you prefer and a possible business with low prices or reconditioned scrubbers?  Better yet, do you know of anyone that would be merciful enough to allow us to use their machine at our home? Also, my son thought that a power paint sprayer would be easier for me to use for the Boric Acid Formula than the garden pump sprayer.  Have you considered using one in any of your remediations and, if so, do you recommend a certain brand? We appreciate your interest in our situation and look forward to hearing from you.

A. For a lower cost, good quality mold cold fogging machine, please do internet search for USA internet dealers for "Longray fogging machine". Longray (Chinese made) has some foggers for less than $150. Longray's manufacturer website is  You don't need to buy or rent an expensive air scrubber. When doing mold remediation in a room or area, open up the windows in the work areas and place large box fans in the window to exhaust indoor air to the outdoors to get rid of elevated levels of airborne mold spores thrown into the air by your mold remediation work. Use electric sprayers are easier and quicker to spray boric acid powder, but try to find a sprayer in which you can adjust the outward flow size to allow the thicker boric acid powder mix to spray out easily. You might have to use an electric drill to make spray hole or holes bigger. To prepare boric for spraying or fogging, dissolve it into very hot water and stir until the boric is totally dissolved into the water. If I can be of further service, I am here to help you----Phillip

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For mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold prevention for your real estate property anywhere in the world, please contact mold consultants Phillip Fry and Divine Montero by email or by phone
480-217-7173 USA
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