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Removing Mold from Clothing
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Q. (Feb. 13, 2012) We have high levels of mold spores in our home with no or little viable mold growth detectable or already in process of being remediated I am planning on spraying the entire house and contents to inactivate the spores I also plan on fogging. Will the boric acid H2O2/vinegar solution be effective at doing this? I plan on HEPA vacuuming before and after, treating the moldy dog before and after also I plan on leaving the books and clothes in place during the fogging as directed. Does this seem appropriate?

A. For best mold remediation presents, first do a thorough HEPA vacuuming of all of your possessions including your clothing, and of all surfaces including floors and walls. Second, use the Bio3Blaster ozone generator for at least one hour in each area of your house, including any attic, crawl space, basement, and inside heating/cooling equipment and ducts.  You can buy the affordable ozone generator.  Then as a third step, remove to the outdoors and scrub all personal possessions, including your clothing, with boric acid mix (see formula on the boric page of to remove any deposited/landed mold spores from personal possessions. After cleaning the items and drying them, wrap with cling wrap outside and leave the items outside (e.g., in a carport, porch, or garage) when you do a fourth step---the fogging of your entire house with the fogging agent of your choice (such as boric acid mix).  Please read the 25 steps for safe and effective mold remediation. If I can be of further help, please email me---Phillip Fry, mold expert, Certified Environmental Hygienist

We have left our home because of mold. We have Aspergillus/Penicillium (in the basement at 278,878 Air-o-cell) and HVACs between 10,773 and 4,000 as well as other air-o cells in other rooms at 13,000. We have stachybotrys mold in a tape sample also in the basement (3,417) as well as HVAC (1500-2300). We had just moved into this home, which is a very old home. My question is our possessions. We have 6 children ages 3 weeks  to 12. We sorted and had most of the kids clothes on the old carpet (probably 15-20 years old). We are getting conflicting reports as to how to clean our clothes, shoes, jackets etc. We've been told to just wash them normally in the house (or have them dry cleaned) and then take them out or that everything needs to be decontaminated professionally. Which is it? While the high # of the Asperillus/Penicillius is a concern, it's really the Stachybotrys I an worried about. [Oct. 9, 2003]

A. Sorry for the great mold problems your family is facing. You were very wise to move out in view of the serious mold health threat to your family members. Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, and Penicillium are the three most dangerous molds, in the order written [Stachy being the worst]. Your infant child and other young children can quickly be permanently harmed medically by living in mold infestation. You are also wise in not moving any personal possessions without first doing mold decontamination of such items to prevent mold cross-contamination of where you move to. Washable clothes should be washed at least twice with boric acid powder or Borax laundry detergent, a natural mold cleaner, in warm water.\. Dry cleaning clothes is usually but not always effective in killing and remove mold spores from the items dry cleaned. Please read the in-depth section about mold cleaning each and every different type of personal property in the in-depth ebook Do-It-Yourself Mold Prevention, Inspection, Testing, and Remediation Guide.

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